Monday, January 25, 2010

Alda's presents OTHERS by Gian Manik

Following a very successful 2009, Alda’s will mark the first exhibition of 2010 with Perth artist, Gian Manik, who will be presenting a solo project entitled Others. Returning from a three month residency at The Gunnery Artspace in Sydney, Manik will present new work in both the upstairs gallery and project space.

Manik explains, “This work explores the attraction of the ‘Other’ through perceptual references of my body. Various filmic inspired makeshift components such as costumes, props and paintings are used to explore the border between familiar and unfamiliar objects and spaces. The anonymous figures and accompanying settings speak of possible events that are about to occur or which have already taken place.”

The exhibition will be open from the 8th January to the 5th February.

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ABOVE: Photo by Tom Cramond for SixThousand, the artist Gian Manik
ABOVE: Photo by Tom Cramond for SixThousand
ABOVE: Photo by Tom Cramond for SixThousand